Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Randomness and How You Can Help...

I'd like to start a weekly Friday feature for two reasons, the first being that there is a set day that I blog every week. The second, because It'll be fun for me and I've always enjoyed the hell out of fun.
This is where you come in. (No, not you... the person to your right. No, not that dude - your other right. Forget it... fine... You.) What should it be about? I'm fighting with every ounce of my strength to not do a weekly "obscure indie band you should listen to" series. It's so very tempting, but so not on theme. I'm also thinking about a restaurant review setup although I already kind of do them. My only issue there is that I'm not sure I eat out enough to be able to knock something out weekly. Then again, maybe I'd go out more... Tempting.
So if you have any ideas, please throw them out there. Whatever I decide, it starts next Friday.

I've also been getting a lot of commentary on posts, which I love by the way, and it occurred to me that someone may want to contact me privately. If you or a loved one is one of those people please guide your eyes to the right and peep that ingeniously disguised email address. Eff to you spammers! (I'm so asking for it)

And for good random measure... The awesome trailer for Where The Wild Things Are soundtracked by none other than Arcade Fire:


Anonymous said...

hmmmm...I like the idea of doing a restaurant review. In fact, you will need someone to go with you can review more than one dish at a time. Lucky for you I would be willing to sacrafice my very precious free time to help you with your endevor. I happen to like to eat...ALOT and I HATE to cook so I feel perfect for this postion!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure this is the way to go. Why "force" yourself to blog. One of the things I appreciate about this blog is the randomness by which is is published. When you feel like it, or have something to write about. There are a huge amount of blogs and forums on restaurant reviews already. But if yo feel like your experience (good or bad) requires you to break out the lap top then do it. Otherwise, I think what you have going here is great. As for the music side, if you want to include music that is your call, but I'm not sure it would really fall under the category of arch-observing.

With all that said, I really appreciate your view of a new city that you moved to. I keep up with your blog in my reader and enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work while you enjoy doing it. To me it seems like you have fun recounting your experiences here in St. Louis. Friday blogs may turn you blogging experience into something else.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, but I agree with Anonymous #2 in these comments. Keep up the good work. Later.

Mike said...

you could do a different them every month so it doesn't become too monotonous and could appeal to a wider range range of readers.

different ideas could include music, food/stl eateries, movies, summer happenings, beer of the week, favorite websites, favorite non arch observer blogs, etc...

just some random thoughts.

David P said...

Wow...I cant believe someone finally did a movie based on Where the Wild Things Are! It took my sone 10 seconds into the trailer to get excited about it.
Thanks Jim