Saturday, December 20, 2008

The First Steps

The little guy pictured below is Oscar and as a puppy he had many adventures.  One being the conquering of the Berber carpet in my house in Crown Point.  Oh yeah, he taught that carpet a lesson.  Out of the corner of his eye he would see a little bit of carpet pile taunting him from the edge of the wall.  Oscar, having none of it of course, attacked without remorse pulling and yanking at the pile.   You see, the problem with Berber is that one little piece is actually one loooong piece.  Once pulled it keeps going and going.

Oscar the Dog Border Collie Mix

With the move looming and putting the house up for sale only weeks away, today I took some steps into figuring out what I could do to fix the carpet at the smallest expense.  I went to see a very helpful woman named Gwen at Von Tobel Lumber in Schererville, Indiana.  It doesn't look good.  My best bet is to simply replace all the carpet unfortunately. 

In moving news, I talked to an awesome rep at Ely Walker Lofts in St Louis today.  Kristen was more than helpful and really gave me a clear picture of what to expect when living in the Loft District.  This is the first place I'll be visiting when I head down there next weekend to apartment shop.

The rest of today:  Clean, repair, Christmas shop.

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