Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moving is expensive

Yeah, you didn't know that did you?  

I'm quickly becoming obsessed with this move.  I'm having a horrible time deciding on where to live!  I keep going back and forth between the Loft District and Soulard.  I think the Loft District will possibly be more of my style of fun but I'm not sure it's as livable as Soulard.  To be specific, the dog is the problem.  I just don't see walking 3 blocks or more to let my dog use the bathroom.  It's not convenient at all.  That's my only complaint otherwise Downtown is a slam dunk.  It's a big one though.  I'll be doing that thing multiple times everyday no matter what.

I did find a really cool loft in Soulard. My only concern here is that I'm not going to enjoy the nightlife.  I won't truly know, of course, until I experience it.  I plan on doing just that this weekend when I drive down to tour apartments.  Here's hoping I can make up my famously undecided mind.

The good news is I've made headway on cleaning the house for sale, getting a Real Estate Agent, and choosing a mover.  The mover?  Me. I had a gentleman from Allied come out and give me quote.  I don't have many things but it was still going to cost me $2,500.  After getting some good advice from cubicle neighbor I decided I'll just rent a truck, hire some loaders, and drive down myself.  It should save me somewhere around $1,500.  Now that's worth the extra work.

Also, I'm frantically trying to get rid of some stuff and I had a bite in one day on a really nice Elliptical I own but will never use.  Thanks Craigslist.org!

Diamondback Elliptical

UPDATE:  Sold!!!

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