Monday, January 19, 2009

The less to move the better

Pub Table Sold

When I decided to move myself and save, literally, thousands of dollars I also made the commitment to move as little as possible.  I wanted to clear my life of superfluous items.  Many things made it to the trash but there was one thing I wanted to sell other than the already sold elliptical.  The kitchen table.

I didn't want to sell it because I didn't like it.  I actually thought it was awesome.  Pub tables are plain nice to have too. It was just gigantic! In the picture it's folded in for 6 chairs but pulled out...  It had 8 chairs, 8!  No one man needs a table that big so I chose to sell it at a fire-sale price.  I don't remember how much I bought it for but I sold it for the rock-bottom price of $200 to my "work best friend"s parents.  They even came to pick it up.  Can't beat that!  

Just 9 less items to move.

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