Monday, February 16, 2009

Soulard Pet Parade 2009

Early last week is when the bustling started. One day there were port-a-potties in my alley. The next there were no parking signs on all the trees warning of towing on the 16th. Later in the week came the erected tents around all the bars and restaurants. The Pet Parade was upon us and I wasn't sure what to expect. 

As it turned out, it was a great time. By noon thousands of people and dogs were lining the streets. Although the Hurricanes were already flowing and it was a little colder than optimal everyone was in a great mood, dogs included. I'd never seen so much butt and crotch sniffing in one place. Oscar didn't mind. 
Oscar ignores huge dog
Click Here for more pics of the event.
The parade itself was more cute than anything. There really were some great dog costumes but mostly it was for the pets themselves. Oscar had even more fun than I did and that's what it's all about. Video proof below.

After the parade most people left but there was definitely a sense of partying going around Soulard. The bars were packed with bead wearing revelers and live music was pouring into the streets. I decided to take it easy this weekend with the big Mardi Gras parade looming next week, but I did head out for some dinner at 8:00 over at Hardshell Cafe. There I saw a glimpse of what next week is likely to be. Halfway through my wings I look up to see a young attractive woman drunkingly fall out of her barstool. It wasn't a very graceful fall either. She slammed on the concrete floor. She ended up being fine luckily but I'm sure she wasn't feeling too great this morning. It was what I'm calling the official kick-off to my Mardi Gras week. I hope it starts like that every year. It was kinda funny.

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Anonymous said...

First of all...I do not know how to post as anything other than you will have to guess who I am!!!1
Second of all...where the eff are the pics of me and you and our two luver dogs at the pet parade...I distinctly remember someone taking our pic!!!