Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Last Week In Chicago

Wow...  It's been a month since I moved.  I've really been slacking.  Once I get down to the quick and easy posts like the last one it will be much more frequent. Promise?  Promise.  

Down to Beeswax.

It's the last week in Chicago and I have so much going on.  It's last day of work on the 30th, New Years on the 1st, and "Going Away Party" on the 2nd.  The truck leaves my folks house on the morning of the 3rd if all goes as planned.  Oh, and I also have to empty the house, pack the truck and clean every room top to bottom to get it sale ready.  I'm effing crazy.

The last day of work was strange.  It wasn't sad or too sentimental.  It was almost normal.  I got a card with everyone's signature on it which now hangs on my new cubicle wall.  The fun part was having one last Music Friday.  

One of my favorite things to do was play DJ the last hour of the day on Fridays.  Other than a few awesomeness haters out there, a lot of people had come to expect and enjoy it.  And although it was only Tuesday, my co-workers requested one last Music Friday and I was happy to indulge.  After work almost everyone went up to BW3's (best sauce selection ever) for my going away party.  It was packed and I think the waitress hated us.  And it was awesome. 

The many moods of work
Work Peeps (Not At BW3s)

I can't believe I left those people.  They were very good to me and I miss them.  Again, there wasn't much fanfare.  I gave out hugs and told everyone goodbye and then I just walked out.  No hesitation, no looking back and no regrets.  

My next mission was to finish packing.  No, I'm not going to bore you with the highs and lows of packing up a 3 bedroom house.  It's well within safety limits to promise you that it sucks.  

Fast Forward >>

...hired some hauling company to come and take away some furniture I wasn't keeping.  Rip-off!  Plus I gave those guys some good stuff!

...touch up painting goes as planned.  

...moving creates torrents of trash.  I don't want to put it out on the curb 5 days early out of respect for our neighbors.  I beg my Brother-in-law to come out the following Wednesday and drag all of it out.  I love him because he does.

...rented a truck from Penske.  By far the best truck rental company.  Take my word for it.  Good service and good prices.  

...It takes 2 hours to fill the truck with my junk.  Thanks Dad, Mom, Allison, Brian and Meg!
Play >

The last thing to do before I move is go to my own going away party.  I'm not sure I ever thought I would be the subject of one of these.  Not because I never thought I'd move, but because who would throw me one?  Heather...  
Heather Forever
Heather Foreva

That's who.  Heather has been one of my best friends for years and within one week had put together a party that had more surprise guests than I'd seen in a while.  Friends came to the deep ghetto of Hazel Crest from all over (specifically the city).  It meant so much.  And again, I was walking away saying goodbye.  

Me ACTUALLY Walking Away

No sadness. I knew I'd see them soon.  You aren't friends with people for that long and not have extensive periods of non-interaction.  Next time I see them it will be as if nothing has changed.  And maybe that's why I'm set to leave in the morning with no fears.  That, and because my good friend is driving down with me.  Let the new chapter begin with a bridge from the previous one...  

That Bridge: Lil Mike (From this point on he'll just be Mike.  He'll appreciate that)

Continued Soon...


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