Thursday, April 2, 2009

Decidedly un-Botanical Gardens

Yeah, I went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens in March. No, nothing was really growing. Yes, I am going back.
In the meantime they had this cool Orchid exhibit. Plus this impressive TERRORDOME!
Oh the atrocities witnessed inside.
But seriously, I will be going back because this place will be beautiful once Spring officially decides to rear it's head. Which I'm pretty sure is supposed to be Opening Day of baseball.
Not so, according to all forecasts. As of today they are predicting a high of 38 this monday for Cardinals Opening Day. 38! I'm going to watch the game in the TERRORDOME.
Look for a much more robust post on this soon. PS - Is it weird that as the self-proclaimed Arch Observer I've never been to the Arch? I may never go now because of the delicious irony.


Anonymous said...

You should be sure to visit the Botanical Gardens when the Whittaker Music Festival concerts begin. Every Wednesday night during the summer, the gardens stay open late for the concerts and people go with chairs, drinks, food, etc. and sit on the grounds and hang out. You can buy beer/wine, but you can also bring your own beverages. Best of all, it is free to anyone. You should check it out.

Jim Barnthouse said...

Now that sounds nice. I think I'll do that, in fact!